Tooth Fairy Origins

tooth faery

Have you ever wondered where on earth the tooth fairy came from? Or if she was real? Well I got the skinny. hehe You know I love me some fairies right? I’m even pretty sure I’m an incarnated fairy myself. But back to the point… Where did the tooth fairy come from?

An old ancient European superstition called “the tooth fee” began and the belief formed and spread that when a child was paid for a lost tooth that they would live longer.

I love hearing old myths and stories and this was a fun lesson.

Fairy Blessings!

ARA… Almost a Fairyologist hehe

Your Story Is Sung In The Heavens

the bard woaoc

Merry Meet again! Today’s collective card is The Bard. 🙂 From The Messengers of Avalon Bards were Druids schooled in the art and magicks of music. They were tasked to keep old tales alive of the culture of Avalon and such. They wove tales of The Divine, Magicks, and more through song and musical instruments that would touch the soul.

When The Bard appears it is a calling to go back in your personal history. Of this life and those prior that your soul endured. Find the threads, look at the patterns, and link the pieces as if it were a puzzle. Trace the pieces to the present. How does this come into your reality today? It is time to examine the past and find clarity that is missing and that will help you move forward. Don’t be afraid. The only way to honor them is to alter them and in doing so you will be thereby honoring yourself.

Listen to music, as there is guidance and peace waiting there for you as well.

You know all the Heavens sing your story. The Strings of your soul are sung by the Divine.

Blessings From Avalon!

Today’s card comes from Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Deck by Colette Baron-Reid and published by Hay House.

Build It, And They Will Come :)

builder lpoc

Merry Meet Again Bright Shiny Lights!
What have you been dreaming of creating or building? You have the power within you NOW to create something new and successful. Sit down with a pen and journal when you have ideas and then go over them, put them together, and knock those babies around! Figure out how to make it so! Look at every angle and then BUILD IT. There is no hurry Beloved. You have forever to keep creating. Build with care, placing each piece carefully and with love. Infuse your creations with love and intend them to shower blessings and it shall be so.

Part of your Life Purpose involves being a builder. You may be a builder of buildings or ideas of building other dreams but one thing is for sure, you love to create! So go on now, get your building on beloved! Then bask in your accomplishments and be blessed in return.

Bright Blessings!

Builder Card comes from Life Purpose Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and this beautiful deck was published by Hay House.

Two of Fire ~ Coming Into Your Own

two of fire atc

Today’s daily collective consciousness card is Two of Fire from The Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine and this deck was published by Hay House.

The Two of Fire shows these two Fire Angels standing and what looks like have been traveling together. They appear together now to show comradery and teamwork may be necessary for you to move into your power. You may want to look into teaming up with others in the same passion. You will go much further and your success will be more fruitful as well. Continue to move forward and the right people and opportunities will unfold before you. Be open to new people, partnerships, and ideas.

Angel Blessings!


Things Are Not What They Seem


Merry Meet Again! Do Some Research card from Magical Messages From The Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and published by Hay House is here AGAIN. This beautiful Faery popped up out of the middle of the deck AGAIN and I said, Okay, I hear you and am working on finishing my class everyday, this is for me right? And I heard a definite “Yes it’s for you too but noooooo read the card for the collective again!” So here I am. 🙂

Okay, first of all, if your gut is telling you no, LISTEN.

If you have been wondering if that outlandish story you heard the other day from that Conspiracy Theorist could possibly have any validity to it, because who knows right? Every day we are seeing that real life is stranger than fiction. RESEARCH IT. 🙂

Secondly, spend time in rabbit holes! This means devote some time to researching before making a final decision; don’t engage in knee jerk decisions. Ponder but ponder with your heart open and doing the observing for you. Look into everything that you are wondering about, and not looking into, that has you standing still and not moving forward with your dreams and/or plans.

If you are called to take a particular class or study a particular subject matter listen to that calling. If you are currently enrolled in a class you are urged to take it seriously and finish it as opportunities await when you are more qualified!

Do some more research!

Stop procrastinating and get er done!

Fairy Blessings!