20. Share Light

The number 20 is representative of teamwork and how deeply connected we all are to one another.

Sometimes when we open up and share our stories it helps someone else heal too. So don’t just share your victories. Share your losses and your pain too. It will also lessen it.

Don’t be afraid to open up if you are going through a hard time. Speak up and say how it really is. You just might be helping more than yourself.


Daily Positive Affirmation

I love purple ara

Today’s daily positive affirmation is I LOVE PURPLE. Our favorite color, it turns out, can say lots about your soul origin. I am connected to the Violet Ray, although I am compelled to call it Amethyst. Lol See, I am truly an Amethyst Ray Avatar so how drawn I am to shades of purple makes perfect sense since it’s part of my soul signature. What color are you most drawn to?


Phoenix Rising

phoenix rising mandala oracle card

This card was like a sight for sore Tower eyes! It’s true, yesterdays reading left me feeling not so hot and rather negative in the boldness I delivered. I knew it was a sort of clarion call to Lightworkers to shine their lights but it was really bold and sort of scary to me! Lol This card today was so appreciated! I knew deep down yesterday that the Tower was representing a death or ending of some sort… A big one. I believe likely in government or what have you. It left me feeling not so hot about what I delivered to you. I am glad to back it up today with a New Birth! Right on schedule!

As something huge in our collective dies away, and I’m guessing that would be the service to self structure, a new, grander one is now able to emerge. *Insert fireworks* hahahaha! But really! This is something to be celebrated! This Brand New Phoenix Emerging holds the energy of Service to Others. A Unity is about to occur. A new view, New Light is Here! The Phoenix is here now and with it’s birth it is bringing a New Light, Truth, Faith, Rebirth of Light, Love, and Life.

Yay! Welcome Phoenix Rising!


The Tower

It’s all about to come crumbling down with a shake and a shock. The service to self structure is crumbling down and you may stand as a target for the dark, offer your hand and say “how can I help?” Shine your Light, for there will be those who need it. Now is a time for service to others but know that you are included in your service to others so love yourself through the transition as well.

We can get through anything together.

Much Love.