Sheilds Up!

Who in your life leaves you feeling frustrated and drained? You are being called now to look at your relationships and how each person leaves you feeling.

Some people feed off others energy. They’re usually very negative or narcissistic.

Guard your energy from such people and protect yourself from others who take and never give back. Balance within your relationships is not only healthy, it’s necessary.

11 Nights Til Halloween! Cackle! Cackle! Cackle!


iab ara

Merry Morning Beautifuls! Today’s positive affirmation is I AM BEAUTIFUL! Repeat this one lots in front of the mirror for best expansion results. Much Love and Light to All!

What Weighs Into Your Future?

Justice wt

Goddess Themis holds the scales of Justice showing balance, equilibrium, and fairness. In kind, remember that Karma will always have it’s way. It’s a part of the balance.

This card is connected to the sign of Libra so it also is a perfect and beautiful synchronization to our New Moon that just occured last night in Libra.

Now is a good time to review, and examine where you are and how you got here. What did you do wrong before? Are you repeating the same mistakes or are you learning now? What have you learned? What blessings have you gained? Can you forgive those who have harmed you? Are you at peace? Blessed Be. Wherever you are.. even if it’s in the dark, Blessed Be. Honor yourself and all the parts of your process. Be in Balance. ❤ Release the old. Plant seeds anew. Be grateful. ❤



the tower ara

Merry Meet Again! I am so happy to have my website back up and running today! It is a day to be celebrated and so in sync with new beginnings and the new moon. So much being released! Today’s collective consciousness card is THE TOWER… How appropriate, no? Lol

The Tower is symbolizing the death and destruction of all the old parts of you that you are purging, clearing, and letting go of. Huge changes are about to rock your world. And while the sudden changes might feel scary or intense, please trust that no matter how hard the road becomes that the road is continually spiraling up to reach your highest purpose here. The old must be destroyed and released before your new dreams can take root. Take loving care of self during this time as emotions and life circumstances may seem or become challenging. The more you allow and let things just flow the better you will weather this storm. Much Love and Light to You during this Transition.

MidSummer Solstice Readings Now Open


The MidSummer Faery Queen Is Almost Upon Us! Book your Midsummer’s Eve Dream Fairy Reading now. This reading costs 44.44 and includes beginning with Bonfire Night Card telling you what you would be best served sacrificing to the Bonfire. What ashes might you sprinkle with what seeds? What fields may ye spread them? What flower essence would ye be best served with working with at this time and lastly which element would you be best served attending to in your life.

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Debra Grant ❤