Phoenix Rising

phoenix rising mandala oracle card

This card was like a sight for sore Tower eyes! It’s true, yesterdays reading left me feeling not so hot and rather negative in the boldness I delivered. I knew it was a sort of clarion call to Lightworkers to shine their lights but it was really bold and sort of scary to me! Lol This card today was so appreciated! I knew deep down yesterday that the Tower was representing a death or ending of some sort… A big one. I believe likely in government or what have you. It left me feeling not so hot about what I delivered to you. I am glad to back it up today with a New Birth! Right on schedule!

As something huge in our collective dies away, and I’m guessing that would be the service to self structure, a new, grander one is now able to emerge. *Insert fireworks* hahahaha! But really! This is something to be celebrated! This Brand New Phoenix Emerging holds the energy of Service to Others. A Unity is about to occur. A new view, New Light is Here! The Phoenix is here now and with it’s birth it is bringing a New Light, Truth, Faith, Rebirth of Light, Love, and Life.

Yay! Welcome Phoenix Rising!


Author: Amethyst Rey Avatar

I am a fairyologist, angel card reader, oracle, and tarot reader. I am gifted to be able to offer guidance through divination and am happy to help and bring blessings.

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