Indigo Angel Oracle Cards is the deck that called today, and quite loudly I might add. Being partly Indigo I do hear this deck quite clearly when it calls. Lol Today the message is to TRUST. I am feeling this TRUST being guided to you is a message to TRUST YOURSELF! Stop looking for outside fixes and stop seeking answers through others when you hold it all within!

We are in a time of honing and learning how to be guided telepathically through our intuition by our Higher Selves. Times they are a changing and we are not in Kansas anymore Toto! So be open and TRUST…. For there are benevolent light beings that are actually YOU that are trying to get your attention and guide you to your best outcome aligned with your higher purpose.



Author: Amethyst Rey Avatar

I am a fairyologist, angel card reader, oracle, and tarot reader. I am gifted to be able to offer guidance through divination and am happy to help and bring blessings.

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