Seven of Bows ~ Clearance

seven of bows clearance

There comes a time for renewal, when we must clear out the old that is no longer working for us so that we may bring in the renewed ideas, goals, and projects. Perhaps we see that certain practices we thought would bring success have not. Therefore we ought to consider different ways of achieving what we want.

Whatever it may be for you,there is an area of your life and/or yourself that is dying so a newer version may emerge. Let go gracefully and trust something better is evolving.

One way to assist yourself in letting go of old energies and/or beliefs that are no longer serving you is to use your words to release energies…. people whom you resent, past hurts etc. So you want to verbally say “I release this person that caused me harm, I am grateful for the lesson and I bless this person in love and light..” then you can picture letting go of a bunch of balloons into the sky, or whatever visual image speaks of letting go to you.

These clearings are coming up more and more for us. Trust that it’s all for your highest purpose and you are loved and supported throughout this process.



Author: Amethyst Rey Avatar

I am a fairyologist, angel card reader, oracle, and tarot reader. I am gifted to be able to offer guidance through divination and am happy to help and bring blessings.

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