The Legend: Canary, a pet bird, has wonderful ideas for an action movie, starring his owner, Mrs Robinson. They frequently discuss the exciting plot with friends and family. But when they are given money for the screenplay they spend it on a cruise instead. For the rest of their lives they talk about thier great story – and exist in a fantasy, not reality.

Inspiration: Beware of being imprisoned by the story you tell. Do you intend to do what you say?

Personal Inquiry: A lack of planning does not indicate misfortune. Am I doing what I say?

Key Ideas: Taking Action, Content to dream, going in circles, making excuses, procrastination

Key Words: Companionship, Connection, Assistance

Meditation: Sit quietly with what you speak of frequently. Take a breath. What do you wish to do? Become aware of the feeling in your body. Is it apprehension? Enthusiasm? In your minds eye, take one step toward carrying out your wish. For example, are you thinking about writing a book? Pull out the first sheet of paper, or turn on your computer. Then take the next step. Then the next. Will you dream it? Or will you do it?

Chakra Wisdom Oracle

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