kindness hwtfoc
I honestly believe with all my heart that Kindness is thee most important thing in the world currently. I personally have walked through many lessons regarding this beloved attribute. I have not always been kind! Shocking I know. LOL

No matter how much darkness surrounds you, you have the option to be kind. Whether someone irks you at the supermarket, or perhaps something much bigger like your other half cheats on you… You have the option to stay in your power and be kind. It also helps to remember that everything happens for a reason and it helps to remember that it doesn’t really serve anyone when we judge others and actually when we engage in judgement we are harming ourselves.

One of the greatest lessons in life seems to be kindness and the lessons we receive when we are not kind are often life altering. They have been for me.
You never know what someone else might be going through when they are mean or insulting. Try to remember each and everyone of us is a fractal of the same source of Love and try to remember that lots of people are healing and hurting. BE KIND. IT’S FREE. SPRINKLE IT EVERYWHERE.

Healing With The Fairies Oracle Cards

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