Shapeshift Like The Clouds

CLOUDS Shapeshifting emoc

Greetings All. I’m feeling much better. I received a knowing this morning that I ought to make a change and one of those shifts involves how I read here for you all. I was feeling very robotic about just posting a card a day around the same time and I received a message to only read when I am compelled with a message. So you might not see a card every single day. But you will see one when the Divine has something to say… if you will. Or the faeries, angels, archangels… You see where I’m going. So I’m shapeshifting… and what a wonderful card to appear in sync with giving you this announcement!

Today’s card comes from Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven D. Farmer and published by Hay House. Our card is Clouds; Shapeshifting.

It’s time to switch things up! Get creative! Have you ever saw The Cloud People? I have. They to me are Sylphs, Air or Sky Elementals playing with the clouds and making pictures. 🙂 You can change or shapeshift in subtle ways or more dramatic ways. It’s time to play with it. Play with dressing differently, presenting yourself differently. I mean, of course be authentic… But improve upon yourself in those areas you know are calling for improvement. Don’t judge the present behavior.. Just view it as changing and requiring something different. Do not attach negative judgement energy to the situation as that is not necessary. Just flow, shift, change, go with it. See what comes of it. 🙂

You can also adjust your inner critic or your internal attitude. Where do you see you might benefit from softening or sharpening your attitude and where? Play with it as it you were an artist with a brush. Only act it out. Try talking, and dressing differently. Try saying yes instead of no. Try refusing to procrastinate and telling yourself later when you get a grand idea… go run out and do it instead of sitting on it forever and watching it never happen.

It’s time to create and be creative just like the clouds. Have fun.
Elven Blessings!

Author: Amethyst Rey Avatar

I am a fairyologist, angel card reader, oracle, and tarot reader. I am gifted to be able to offer guidance through divination and am happy to help and bring blessings.

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