the bard woaoc

Merry Meet again! Today’s collective card is The Bard. 🙂 From The Messengers of Avalon Bards were Druids schooled in the art and magicks of music. They were tasked to keep old tales alive of the culture of Avalon and such. They wove tales of The Divine, Magicks, and more through song and musical instruments that would touch the soul.

When The Bard appears it is a calling to go back in your personal history. Of this life and those prior that your soul endured. Find the threads, look at the patterns, and link the pieces as if it were a puzzle. Trace the pieces to the present. How does this come into your reality today? It is time to examine the past and find clarity that is missing and that will help you move forward. Don’t be afraid. The only way to honor them is to alter them and in doing so you will be thereby honoring yourself.

Listen to music, as there is guidance and peace waiting there for you as well.

You know all the Heavens sing your story. The Strings of your soul are sung by the Divine.

Blessings From Avalon!

Today’s card comes from Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Deck by Colette Baron-Reid and published by Hay House.

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