builder lpoc

Merry Meet Again Bright Shiny Lights!
What have you been dreaming of creating or building? You have the power within you NOW to create something new and successful. Sit down with a pen and journal when you have ideas and then go over them, put them together, and knock those babies around! Figure out how to make it so! Look at every angle and then BUILD IT. There is no hurry Beloved. You have forever to keep creating. Build with care, placing each piece carefully and with love. Infuse your creations with love and intend them to shower blessings and it shall be so.

Part of your Life Purpose involves being a builder. You may be a builder of buildings or ideas of building other dreams but one thing is for sure, you love to create! So go on now, get your building on beloved! Then bask in your accomplishments and be blessed in return.

Bright Blessings!

Builder Card comes from Life Purpose Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and this beautiful deck was published by Hay House.

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