love woaoc
This is a Sacred Journey Marker upon your life path; Love. This card appearing is a strong sign and message to show love to all. All animals, plants, all life, ourselves, others, and even that one person that we just clash with in our families all the time. Love The Faeries you cannot see, for they are Nature’s Angels.

Put Love in all you do. For when you stay in your heart and out of your ego you will find tasks come much easier and smoother. If you find yourself judging someone or yourself examine that thought as if it were a mirror. Learn to interject kindness and consideration in all you do. You are an Earth Angel and Angel, it’s time to climb the Love Stairs and take on another level of service.

Are you blocking Love? Love is what made you… Let it Flow Freely.

Faery Blessings!

This Sacred Journey Marker; LOVE comes to you from Wisdom Of Avalon Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid and this deck was published by Hay House.

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