the eagle woaoc

Merry Meet Again! Today’s Collective Consciousness Daily Card is The Eagle. When The Eagle comes gliding into our lives it is first of all, a sure sign that you are connected to the Angelic Realm and with this super power you can see the bigger picture… You can fly above it all and get past the minor irritations and blocked views and better see things from all angles.

The Eagle can help you in making life decisions from a place of integrity and helps you not get caught up in the minor snags in life but to view life more as an observer and one who helps when they can or when they are called to. Sometimes stepping into roles that feel uncomfortable, yet are for the greater good, will strengthen your integrity and aid you in assisting where you can for humanity’s greater good.

When The Eagle appears it is a sure signal that you are being called to meet with the Divine. There are messages waiting for you that can only be accessed from within. The Eagle symbolizes a time for prayer and journeying within. Please take the time necessary to retrieve this message by quieting your mind and following your breath in silence. Creator might even appear as an Eagle. Blessed be your journey within.

This card The Eagle is from THE ANIMAL GUIDES OF AVALON and is from WISDOM OF AVALON ORACLE CARDS by Colette Baron-Reid and published by Hay House.

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