eight of summer ftc

Remember the Triple Replay Message you guys? LOL This was the third card. Eight of Summer. This was the future position card in that reading. LOL I can’t stop laughing and it’s got me gasping in amazement at the magick attached to this reading… Truly if you are not amazed every single day you are not paying attention. LOL I AM CURRENTLY IN AWE. So that future card is back to let us know it is time to prepare for this because it is coming.

So I live with a very dear friend and this reading involves preparing leaving here I do believe and to be quite honest my hesitation comes from not wanting to hurt anyone… and one of my downfalls… putting others before myself. But we are past that vibration now and knowing when the flow pulls another direction we go with the flow and not against the direction we are guided. It is time to make major life changes and to begin down a nature path in another direction where your gifts and blessings you have to offer this world will be of value. Do not hesitate Beloved Lightworker. You were Seeded for this Divine Purpose.

Go Forth Into The Unknown Knowing You Are Divinely Guided, Safe, and Protected. Shine Your Lights Brightly Beloved Earth Angels.

This reading and The Eight Of Summer comes to you from The Fairy Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine and published by Hay House.

Fairy Blessings!

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