lakshmi ggoc

Goddess Lakshmi appears to assure you that your future is bright and she is requesting that you stop worrying! Often times when we worry about that which we want to manifest we give it the energy of disbelief and we block the manifestation. Sometimes this can occur simply through old habits and habits include the way we think and feel. Often times what we think and feel is mere habit and not really what we want but we never knew this power was within us. We never knew we had the power to create with our thoughts and emotions but we do!

So if you find your thoughts wandering into a lack minded sort of place then replace them with polarized ones about what you do want! It takes practice and Lakshmi wants you do know that she’s got you while you learn this and practice this!



Today’s reading comes to you from Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and published by Hay House.


  1. I need spiritual help from you mean wile am a member of ECKANKAR I need a lover who will love me and Mary me and also progress in my wock


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