triple replay

Merry Meet Again Luv’s! Today The Fairy Tarot by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, published by Hay House called so loudly to me! So as usual I began to talk to the Faeries, Goddess and God as I shuffled and blessed the cards asking for a message for the collective consciousness today. First a card fell out, the first card, Seven of Spring. And I thought I just saw you the other day and my ego told me it was my clumsiness that enabled the card to fall so I started to put it back and then two more fell and I heard this is the read. So I laid them out, crystals empowering and sending the Fae Love. And I saw… It’s a triple replay folks! We have recently seen the first two cards and not that long ago, the third was appearing to me often, just a couple months ago. So what do we have here in this triple replay? Are the Fairies insisting we are missing something? No! It’s a positive message indeed!

We saw the Seven of Spring just a few days ago and since they gave us three cards I am drawn to look at this as a past, present, future reading because that is the way I am seeing it. So we had an opportunity to stand up for ourselves, and we did. So I am hearing them say “good job and great start to the new you!” and apparently our accomplishment of this is of great importance they want us to know and that it will enable great changes that will serve our Highest Purposes. Yay us!

Our second card in the present position is what I call the student card, Princess of Autumn. For when you see this card it is wise to listen to your intuition if you have been wanting to enroll in a class or classes, now is the time! If you are enrolled in a class now is the time to wrap that up because the Universe has grand plans for you once you do!

And do you see why? A new journey awaits Beloved! Prepare! Eight of Summer will have you journeying upon a new path before long… Likely by Summer! Get ready to move again! Magick Awaits Beloveds!


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