fairies emoc

Can you hear the call? I have been hearing it for some time now. Tis the magick of the Fae and of Momma Earth calling for your assistance! The Fairies have the responsibility of caring for Nature. As a matter of fact, some say that each blade of grass has it’s own fairy. For Fairies are Angels to Nature’s Beings, like plants and all of the animals. This is one reason that when you pet your pets you feel such loving bliss… Because you are essentially petting your animal friends’ fairies!

The Fairies are requesting your assistance! How can you assist? Well, one way is by picking up trash along the beach, parks, or just the street you live on! This assistance required may even be in your own yard! Are there thirsty looking plants around there? Are they dry and brittle? Do they need a drink of water? There is so much we can do to help Mother Gaia and all Her inhabitants! Please be of service to Her if you are so called! You will find, that in helping the fairies they in turn will help you too! They will bestow Earth Magick upon you and Blessings galore! They are very communicative when it comes to their gratitude!

Fairy Blessings One and All!

Fairies comes to you from Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven D. Farmer, published by Hay House.

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