seven of spring ftc

Seven of Spring is swooping in to let you know to pay attention! Be ready! What will come? I do not know Beloveds. But I sense huge changes in the Earth. No matter what happens stand up for what YOU know is right in your heart. Be an example of Love rather than fear. Stand tall, call in your Angels, and stand in your Sovereignty. For the time is come, when there will be those turning to you, asking you, what to do.

And I… I am calling in all Earth Angels, May Each And Every ONE Be Blessed With All They Require To Reach Their Highest Purpose. And so it is, it is so, it is sealed. Blessed Be. 🙂

Walk your path Beloveds, with arms wide open. Don’t believe the old lies of separation and Love each other. 🙂 Love is about to change EVERYTHING. 😀

Fairy Blessings!


Seven of Spring comes from Fairy Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, published by Hay House.

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