king of air atc

Merry Meet Beloved Earth Angels. If you are reading this transmission than it is indeed for you. I had a very different experience with this card through the art and it took me to a whole other level than the words on the card.

King of Air rides through the forest, head high, confident, and with ease. Empowered and having fought and won such a battle that even the Unicorns are looking on with wonder and amazement at your loving transmuting abilities.

How many of you Lightworkers were given diagnoses of mental illness and now know that was a lie? When I saw this card I found myself engaged in letting all those labels go. Not only that but I found myself in my backyard grounding out all the old energies and praying and saying out loud I love you, I forgive you all who gave me those labels, I forgive me for accepting them and giving away my power, I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you. I then had Archangel Michael come with His Sword of Light and asked him to remove these blocks and lies from all of my energy fields and bodies and I saw Blue and White Light as I sat in quiet. A release and healing occurred and I knew instantly that I was supposed to present this card this way today. Blessings to all and I hope this helped. If you have been holding onto untruths that are disempowering you can simply let them go. As I experienced this release I felt as though The Unicorns were looking upon me cheering me on and honoring the healing I just engaged in and they wanted me to know how very important what I just did was to them and the entire Universe. For every action there is a ripple. Some of those ripples maybe much more important to all then you would think. Be Healed Now and know The Universe is watching and thanking you for your contribution.
Blessed Be.


The King of Air comes from The Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine and was published by Hay House

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