princess of autumn ftc

Merry Meet from The Princess of Autumn from The Fairy Tarot by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine; published by Hay House.

I just love this fairy and I resonate very much with her! I do! I love me some rabbit holes and I love to learn! Guess what it’s time for? Rabbit holing! Yes! It is time to take a step back. Put all your beliefs and knowings in a jar and table the jar for now. Open your mind. But don’t forget to open your heart so you can discern what is true or right for your path. And then dive into your research and research every corner of your curiosity! Everything you have been wondering about or feel drawn to.

Remember to keep meditation in your day. I often meditate at night when it is quiet. This is when my epiphanies come and they will come to you whilst rabbit holing. Enjoy the magick!

Fairy Blessings!


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