Merry Meet again. Our message today comes from Magical Messages From The Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and published by Hay House. Today’s first card is “Son” and our second card is “Admit Your True Feelings to Yourself”. I’m going to combine this message as that is how I am receiving it.

Son can be someone close to you that feels like a son if you do not have a son, or it can even be a pet that is like a son to you, and lastly this could also mean someone else’s son whom you are close to or have been called to assist in some way. Whomever this male is, he is very dear to you and you have had some worries concerning him or worries concerning your work with him. He is safe and protected and you can ditch the worries. But you must admit your true feelings to yourself regarding this situation. Really sit down and write about it. Find your magick in this situation. It may look impossible and if that is the case then employ the Fairies and Angels for assistance. If it was impossible it would not be coming up for you to consider. Keep an open mind and be completely honest with yourself with what YOU want and what you are able to offer this situation. After you have asked yourself some pertinent questions, go into meditation and listen for the answers. They will come.

Fairy Blessings!


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