the secret of change ARA

My awakening occurred after I saw a truth on facebook one day that an activist had posted. I of course felt a duty, as an awakened being to spread the truths I was learning. I began to meet resistance and I began to dive down rabbit holes that were full of trolls. I went through psychic attacks and all manner of drama in my first couple of years.

During this time I was also a student of magick and the craft. I began to truly understand energy when I read a blog one day explaining how the earth constantly has to shift timelines to divert the old nuclear bomb energy from re looping around. I was fascinated by the explanation showing how energy never dies, it just redirects or reshapes itself etc. So this means that because of nukes in the past there will always be that old energy that will require shifting to avoid it coming back around. What does this have to do with activism you ask?

Well, if you are meeting the dark, or whatever cause you are fighting against with resistance, you are feeding it and a part of the problem. It can be tricky to remain an activist after you truly understand this dilemma. I have pulled away from being an activist completely and have only recently dove back in. I have been ATTEMPTING not to post on an issue if it’s not coming from a place of love and solution. In other words, if I am merely going on about the issue, or only bringing awareness to the darkness without a positive solution to polarize it then I am feeding the exact side I am fighting against. I am finding this rock in a hard place to be a tricky crevice to be sure! But I am determined to master it!


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