king of ariel and four of water

Greetings One and All. Today was the first time I was compelled to use two different decks. The first deck that called to me is Archangel Power Tarot Cards and the second is The Angel Tarot; both by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine and published by Hay House.

Our first card is a repeat card from not that many days ago, The King of Ariel. You see here everything is going as planned and everything is going to work out wonderfully! You are encouraged to believe beloved that financial success and your own spiritual success within is upon you now. You have been given all you require to make it so. Are there aspects you are ignoring or in fear of following through on? What is keeping you from moving forward with following through on your intuits the angels have been sending you?

The reason I asked that last question is because of our second card, The Four of Water from The Angel Tarot. This card tells me you are missing an opportunity or opportunities because you are not acting on the divine guidance being sent to you. What is it standing in the way of your moving forward? Open your eyes and consider the possibilities of success… Listen Beloved, Listen and act. You truly don’t want to miss this window of opportunity for success and you won’t regret it either! Trust your Angels. Trust yourself.

Angel Blessings!


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