hwtf double up

Dreams are coming true all over the place! Many of us have been toiling along building spiritual businesses and also working on our own inner spiritual growth as well. For those people who have been working towards a more positive life and lifestyle that your spirit seemed to call you to; you are now beginning to reap the rewards from you hard work and diligence.

Healing With The Fairies Oracle sends you two fairies today to remind you to be at peace. When you notice yourself worrying or having negative thoughts transmute those bad boys with love! Change them. When you have a negative thought just say or think edit, cancel, delete! And then replace it with the joy filled outcome you do want. Some of you will have to work at peace of mind and it will take practice. You are receiving this guidance to assist you in shifting your negative patterns into more productive and positive ones that will benefit you and your life in multiple ways.

Have Faith Beloveds… Have Faith. Your Dreams ARE coming true so stop worrying!

Fairy Blessings!


This reading comes to you from Amethyst Rey Avatar and Healing With The Fairies Oracle Deck By Doreen Virtue and published by Hay House.

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