family harmony hwtfoc

The Faeries want you to know that your past relationships, current relationships, are all healing now. They are requesting for you to hold loving thoughts towards yourself and all others from all your relationships.

Every person in your life is affected by YOUR beliefs and expectations. You are being counseled to hold those who have irritated you and your life in sacred space beloveds. The more loving energy you send, we send, the more love energy will be directed back. It is a time of forgiveness now.

And be patient. Watch the magick along the journey. You and all your family are beginning a journey toward healing. The faeries ask you to think of 3 reasons you cherish each family member and if one or more family members stump you think of 5 reasons for them why they are worthy of love. Send prayers and blessings and burnings with your intentions and your relationships will then begin to be able to be old foliage dropping away and new life blossoming with even more joy.

See the goodness!


Healing With The Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, Published By Hayhouse

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