bodywork lpoc

I saw this card come up for the collective, which automatically includes self and about fell off my chair. LOL My first thought? “Oooooooh! Ooooooh! A New Tattoo!!!” But after I sat with it for a moment I realized it had more to do with my own healing and repair of damages and correction in areas of self that are no longer resonating with the self… Like certain behaviors or possibly even beliefs. But what I see is a healing energy around the entire planet as Gaia heals so do Her Children. So you are healing beloved, whether you know it or not. It’s part of this planet’s ascension process. You are being called to pay focus to your own body, mind, and spirit. To connect to the healer within and ask yourself what hurts? What does not sit right? What inklings have you been getting about your health?

Then I want you to step into your power beloveds, step into your sovereignty. Call upon Archangel Raphael and His Emerald Green Light and request assistance in healing. Close your eyes and try to visualize his emerald green ray, try to feel His immense healing love. Speak to your body, cells, and dna. Tell them to heal. Give your body loving messages and let it know it’s okay to clear away the wreckage of the past and heal. Communicate with love. This is how we heal beloveds. This message is a clarion call to the entire collective consciousness which means everyone. It is time to get our healing on folks! It’s time to release the old with love and welcome what’s birthing into the new!

Use Reiki, Angelic Energy Healing, Exercise, Dancing, Sound therapy, and Crystals to assist your healing journey. Eat healthy and fresh foods. Drink plenty of water. It is the only liquid your body requires. Archangel Raphael is the Archangel of Healing and his names means GOD HEALS. His Light is Emerald Green. Call upon him anytime, he is non denominational and can be everywhere at once so he is not too busy for you!

If you have been feeling called to do healing work in specific areas or with animals or specific groups of people pay attention to these notions! They are not nonsense. They are a calling to your life purpose.

Angel Blessings!

Bodywork comes from Life Purpose Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and published by Hayhouse.

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