Today’s collective consciousness card is DO SOME RESEARCH from MAGICAL MESSAGES FROM THE FAIRIES by Doreen Virtue and published by Hay House.

I saw this card and it was like a pit in my tummy. Like.. Ouchie. Lol What rabbit hole I dared to ask would you have me dive down now? I asked the elemental realm as I pulled this card and placed it upon the grass to ponder it. The feeling I had accompany the message was HUGE! Like really huge energy, with a spark of bliss, but mostly just the kinda energy you require to accomplish some huge task. Usually the kind of huge one cannot tackle all by their self. I felt Angels and Ascended Masters surround me, along with the Elemental Kingdom… I felt as though I had an audience, just waiting to see what I will do next, letting me know as well that I am not alone and that I have so, so much assistance at hand if I would only ask.

So ask dear ones. Ask Source, The Universe, God, Goddess, Jesus or Jeshua. Ask the question stirring within. Then meditate and LISTEN. We really never stop listening. Thoughts will come. Ideas, you might even think they’re yours. They might even be yours. hehe But the fairies want you to know that answers can come on the wind, through technology, through a friend, or your own thoughts and feelings. Listen. And do not forget to ask for assistance!

This energy is a gift I believe. This energy will hold you in a sacred safe place as you dive into rabbit holes that will reveal to you the answers you are meant to see. Rabbit holes are research portals to me! Google can be your friend! Use discernment whilst rabbit holing. Lol

This message can also apply for school or a class you are guided to take… But maybe you thought, nah, not this class, not this time… You might want to rethink that decision! Truly think it over. Weigh the pros and cons. Reflect on it. Review it. Re! Re! Re! RETROGRADE NORMALITIES! Yes, we are retrograde all over the place right now, I think I lost count how many planets are currently retrograde. So do take care with committing to anything new and do lots of research! If you want to add a modality to your current business then maybe taking that class is a good idea!


Faery Blessings!!!

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