king of ariel aaptc

Merry Meet again! Today’s collective consciousness card is King of Ariel. Yet another message concerning incoming abundance! You have been toiling diligently creating and building. Adding new ideas here and then over there too. Tweeking this, and adjusting that. Bringing blessings and positive energy surrounding all your work and dreams too while you’re at it. Yet… You still have been wondering in the back of your mind; “am I truly going to be a success? I know this is my calling, why isn’t it taking off like it should? Am I just fooling myself?” All the while, changing your negative thoughts to positive ones and even observing your emotions as to gage this new life in this new now. You are going with the flow and doing quite well! Beloved your doubts are the ONLY problem. For your plans are grand and working out wonderfully! You have used your resources wisely and are gaining wonderful practice in your discernment skills as well. You are growing like a weed and although you may not yet see it, so is everything you are touching!

You are an accomplished and powerful individual. Now is the time to step into your role of leadership and guide others. Do not worry about how or means. Just do what you are guided to do, as you have been. Trust Archangel Ariel and all of the Angels surrounding you and assisting you at this time. You are receiving so much Divine assistance! Please allow yourself to receive!

Angel Blessings!

Today’s card comes from Archangel Power Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, published by Hay House.

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