three of winter ftc

I am going to admit, sometimes, I feel insecure by cards reappearing, especially when I am excited about a particular deck and getting to know it… Yet certain cards are absolutely screaming for attention. As I shuffled the Fairy Tarot this morning immediately after just one shuffle this card popped up. I looked upon it and said you just had your appearance a few days ago. And I put it back in the middle of the deck, cleared them again and this time said I will shuffle until you tell me to stop Faeries. I shuffled three times and I was guided to take the top card… It was the Three of Winter AGAIN. I said okay, you don’t have to tell me three times. LOL Then I was trying to decide whether to present the reading as I originally typed it or to add to it and was given a definite yes please present it exactly as before, so here we go!

The Three of Winter reaches out to support you during painful experiences involving others that you may feel you have let down even though you did your very best. Or maybe you did not do your best, and that’s okay too. This is a time for healing past hurts. Forgive yourself for being unable to provide what other’s needed. Forgive your imperfections. For your angels and the fairies want you to know that you are perfectly imperfect and everything happens for a reason. There are invisible helpers all around you assisting you with healing and new ideas. Allow others to comfort you during difficult times and do not shut people out because of your own pain. Allowing others to stay amidst your pain will fuel growth and magick for all. Trust The Elementals and all your Angels too.

Walk through this knowing you did your very best and know that this sadness upon your heart will heal. It is painful, yes. But it is also symbolic of how deeply you love.

Fairy Blessings!

Three of Winter is from The Fairy Tarot by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine and published by Hay House.

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