knight of ariel aaptc

You have Angels all around you and supporting you so think outside the box, think beyond the box, think HUGE! There is lots to be accomplished so get out a pen and paper and start writing it all down. Pay attention to each emotion, every detail, and record it all on paper. Slow ‘n Steady Wins The Race.

Seeds have already been planted and more seedlings fall as we speak. You do not necessarily see the harvest yet, but it is coming luv ~ so get ready to reap abundance!

Be of great care and kindness. Do stop upon your journey to help others. Be not rushed in your life to the degree that you pass others along the way when they are in need of assistance. Be thorough but be slow upon your journey as not to miss those you are meant to assist.

Someone with a huge heart is looking over you. If you do not see this person, or angel in the physical realm this may be an ancestor or guardian angel or even your higher self. But you are greatly watched over and cared for as we all are. None of us are in this alone. It serves us well to remember our divine interconnectedness. Remember to flow with this balance of both accepting assistance and offering assistance. Bless All You Do.

This card is from ARCHANGEL POWER TAROT CARDS By Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine and published by Hay House.

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