Sylph Collage

I spent a great deal of time playing amongst the cosmos actually co-creating a massive healing effort with Sylph Light Beings ~ Faeries if you will! Now this was quite a grand undertaking I was involved in. As storybookland as this might sound, there is a magickal key that must be revealed for this grand scale healing event to work. Remember the story of Peter Pan and how Tink taught that we must believe or all the faeries just disappeared into nothingness? Well it really sorta works just like that! The Faerie Realm only requires one thing from us. To BELIEVE in them.

I can show you all manner of proof of Elemental Light Beings coming to our rescue and transmuting the poisons from the chemtrails but you will only believe it if you do. This is however, my Clarion Call to All. I beseech you to trust the magick of the Universe, God, Goddess, Source, Grandfather, Grandmother, Jesus, Jeshua, Mags too… For they Are all ONE and THE SAME. Believe In Magick. Believe You Are Safe And Protected At All Times. Because You ARE. As I AM.

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