A Dietary Change Is Required

dietary change mmftf

Okay, my first thought when I saw this card was I’m not going to be very popular today. LOL There has been a great deal of discussion of late in my soul group about whether or not our Sovereign Beings truly have to mind our diets and whether or not there is such a thing as an enlightened diet… We concluded there is not. I am not certain at this point. I do know lots of people who love their poor eating habits, self included, and may not take kindly to this Divine Guidance. That being said, it is Divine Guidance that something in your diet must change for that something is not good for you and may even blocking something wonderful from manifesting.

So use your own Divine Guidance System. What is it you keep ingesting that when you do often times you feel a resistance and think to yourself maybe you should not be eating or drinking that? Is there one thing, maybe more that your conscious has been guiding you to give up? For me it’s sugar. I worked very hard to get it out of my life and it slipped back in and I am having a horrible time with getting rid of it again. I see this as a sign to get willing gosh darn it! I keep hearing my Innate say “this is hurting you” each time I eat something with sugar. Yesterday I heard “your pancreas is not enjoying this sugar binge of yours” and then later last night I had a horrible tummy ache on the left side where my pancreas is. So my guess is, if you are reading this, you too have been receiving guidance to give something up that is not serving your body and spirit to ingest.

I know eating habits and such are a big hurdle to change but we can do it and there is an incentive. Our lives are promised to improve if we follow this guidance. I am most certainly going to. That’s quite an incentive from the Fairies to promise that if I change this my life will get better. I think I’ll take that deal! It beats staying stuck over some instant gratification that feels good but is secretly causing harm. I will indeed take that deal!

Fairy Blessings!


Today’s card Dietary Change comes from Magical Messages From The Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and published by Hay House.

The Wheel Spun Gold, Play For Keeps

Merry Meet All. Today two decks called out to me again and quite an interesting combo! Today’s collective consciousness reading comes from The Fairy Tarot by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine, published by Hay House and Tarot For Cats by Regen Dennis, illustrated by Kipling West and published by MacMillan, Inc

First we have 10 The Wheel from the Fairy Tarot. Expect a successful jump towards a goal you have been walking toward. Delays are over! And our second card, Judgement from Tarot For Cats tells us to keep in mind that while we are doing what we do, whether it be in a business that is a Spiritual business or not, that people are watching. People are checking you out yo! So play for gold and play for keeps! Remember to be your authentic self and have fun! Follow your hearts, play well with others, and be more social! For when you step out of your comfort zone and engage with others you will go much further! Don’t worry about the outcome or judgement of others… Just get out there! Show em what you’re made of! And have fun! The Wheel has spun in your favor and did you notice? It’s spins GOLD! You can’t fail. You are supported. You got this!

Fairy Blessings!


Listen To The Message Beloved

king of ariel and four of water

Greetings One and All. Today was the first time I was compelled to use two different decks. The first deck that called to me is Archangel Power Tarot Cards and the second is The Angel Tarot; both by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine and published by Hay House.

Our first card is a repeat card from not that many days ago, The King of Ariel. You see here everything is going as planned and everything is going to work out wonderfully! You are encouraged to believe beloved that financial success and your own spiritual success within is upon you now. You have been given all you require to make it so. Are there aspects you are ignoring or in fear of following through on? What is keeping you from moving forward with following through on your intuits the angels have been sending you?

The reason I asked that last question is because of our second card, The Four of Water from The Angel Tarot. This card tells me you are missing an opportunity or opportunities because you are not acting on the divine guidance being sent to you. What is it standing in the way of your moving forward? Open your eyes and consider the possibilities of success… Listen Beloved, Listen and act. You truly don’t want to miss this window of opportunity for success and you won’t regret it either! Trust your Angels. Trust yourself.

Angel Blessings!


Please Don’t Feed The Dark, It Bites

the secret of change ARA

My awakening occurred after I saw a truth on facebook one day that an activist had posted. I of course felt a duty, as an awakened being to spread the truths I was learning. I began to meet resistance and I began to dive down rabbit holes that were full of trolls. I went through psychic attacks and all manner of drama in my first couple of years.

During this time I was also a student of magick and the craft. I began to truly understand energy when I read a blog one day explaining how the earth constantly has to shift timelines to divert the old nuclear bomb energy from re looping around. I was fascinated by the explanation showing how energy never dies, it just redirects or reshapes itself etc. So this means that because of nukes in the past there will always be that old energy that will require shifting to avoid it coming back around. What does this have to do with activism you ask?

Well, if you are meeting the dark, or whatever cause you are fighting against with resistance, you are feeding it and a part of the problem. It can be tricky to remain an activist after you truly understand this dilemma. I have pulled away from being an activist completely and have only recently dove back in. I have been ATTEMPTING not to post on an issue if it’s not coming from a place of love and solution. In other words, if I am merely going on about the issue, or only bringing awareness to the darkness without a positive solution to polarize it then I am feeding the exact side I am fighting against. I am finding this rock in a hard place to be a tricky crevice to be sure! But I am determined to master it!


Your Dreams Are Coming True. Breathe, Be At Peace.

hwtf double up

Dreams are coming true all over the place! Many of us have been toiling along building spiritual businesses and also working on our own inner spiritual growth as well. For those people who have been working towards a more positive life and lifestyle that your spirit seemed to call you to; you are now beginning to reap the rewards from you hard work and diligence.

Healing With The Fairies Oracle sends you two fairies today to remind you to be at peace. When you notice yourself worrying or having negative thoughts transmute those bad boys with love! Change them. When you have a negative thought just say or think edit, cancel, delete! And then replace it with the joy filled outcome you do want. Some of you will have to work at peace of mind and it will take practice. You are receiving this guidance to assist you in shifting your negative patterns into more productive and positive ones that will benefit you and your life in multiple ways.

Have Faith Beloveds… Have Faith. Your Dreams ARE coming true so stop worrying!

Fairy Blessings!


This reading comes to you from Amethyst Rey Avatar and Healing With The Fairies Oracle Deck By Doreen Virtue and published by Hay House.

Illumination By Fire

the fire fairy woaoc

The Fire Fairy gifts you illumination through her fire. Her spark will illuminate each dark corner in your path. She is sending you inspirations AND her Fire energy to assist your energy so you can complete all the tasks before you. She saw you were in need of a spark. She is the flame of creativity and passion, hope and courage.

The Fire Fairy appearing on your path at this time is a sign of magickal help to aid you in completing something upon your life purpose path. Do not fear. You have the assistance of even the elemental kingdom. That is how important your life purpose journey is beloved. So please, accept this gift of assistance.

Fairy Blessings!


The Fire Fairy is from Wisdom Of Avalon Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid and published by Hay House.

Family Harmony

family harmony hwtfoc

The Faeries want you to know that your past relationships, current relationships, are all healing now. They are requesting for you to hold loving thoughts towards yourself and all others from all your relationships.

Every person in your life is affected by YOUR beliefs and expectations. You are being counseled to hold those who have irritated you and your life in sacred space beloveds. The more loving energy you send, we send, the more love energy will be directed back. It is a time of forgiveness now.

And be patient. Watch the magick along the journey. You and all your family are beginning a journey toward healing. The faeries ask you to think of 3 reasons you cherish each family member and if one or more family members stump you think of 5 reasons for them why they are worthy of love. Send prayers and blessings and burnings with your intentions and your relationships will then begin to be able to be old foliage dropping away and new life blossoming with even more joy.

See the goodness!


Healing With The Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, Published By Hayhouse